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 Hey every1!

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Hey every1! Empty
PostSubject: Hey every1!   Hey every1! EmptySun Jun 16, 2013 5:45 pm

Paul_Yugi here, and I guess I'm supposed to talk about myself... Well, here goes. I've been collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards since the game was first released, and as a result, I have almost every card ever made... The only ones I don't have are most of the rarest ones... I have minor ESP, so if you duel me on DN, expect to see a bit of Fortune telling... If you have any Ultra-Rare, Limited Edition, Gold-Print cards, (Ultra-Rare cards are the ones with the shiny foil over the pic and the name as well as over the little hologram in the bottom-right hand corner, and Gold-Print cards have an golden hologram) then PM me with the card name, and I'll get back to you on whether or not I already have it as quickly as I can... Anyways, the member of this academy who's DN username is BIGYII introduced me to this place, so, I guess he deserves a round of applause... Some of my interests that I have besides Yu-Gi-Oh! are:  Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, watching T.V., eating (especially if the food is bacon or pie), sleeping, being lazy, watching movies, and singing along to soft rock... Some of the things that I hate are:  All meats (except for bacon, pepperoni, hot dogs, and corn dogs), exercise, going outside, regular school, homework, work-work, chores, and related things... Also, I have the oddest ability of manipulating the sound of thunder; I make a noise when I see the flash of lightning, and when the thunder gets to where I am, it makes the same sound that I did... Well, that's all I have for you guys... Paul_Yugi, out!


sunny+Cool+Razz+Very Happy+Very Happy+Razz+Cool+sunny= Yours truly!
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Hey every1!

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