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 Hello, my friends.

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PostSubject: Hello, my friends.   Wed May 22, 2013 9:25 pm

Some of you may know me, others may not. I was at a few of Gracco's previous academies and I have decided to return to the world of duel monsters. I was away, playing and challenging myself with other various card games, such as Cardfight! Vanguard. Magic: The Gathering. Pokemon. Naruto: The Trading Card Game. And, Kaijudo, which was earlier known as Duel Masters. Throughout my journey, I have discovered the three of the best trading card games in the world. Magic: The Gathering is an absolutely amazing game. I rate it much higher above Yugioh in every way possible. The game play, the quality, the lack of intelligent naming for the cards. The next game is Cardfight! Vanguard. It is an absolutely fun and a great game. It is a game, that doesn't rely on much skill, but relies on a lot of luck. Because, if you play this game, what your next move will be. Let me introduce myself now. I am Neko. I am, as others say, I do not rate myself in this fashion, but a well fashioned duelist. I've heard from many that I am great at the game, but I will sadly disagree. I am not great at this game. I know how to make strategies and make decks. Simple as that. If you wish to know me at all, you can always contact me when I am on Dueling Network. I apologize, I do not get on YGO pro, or Devpro. I hope we meet at some point. This is Neko. Good bye.
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Hello, my friends.

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